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Stan the Ram is the largest sheep in the flock and stands at a comfortable seat height (doing homework and piano practice has never been such fun). A really substantial piece of furniture, he has beautiful wrought iron horns.

100 x 60cm x 25kg approx.

Ethel & Harriet


These are designed as sofa footstools and are big enough to accomodate a whole family of feet.
Ethel’s head is stained black to match Stan while Harriet is blonde with a natural waxed limewood finish.

100 x 50cm x 22 kg approx.



These are the most popular members of the flock and are luxurious individual footrests. Like Ethel and Harriet they are available in either the dark or natural finish. 

50 x 25cm x 4kg approx. 

Mirabelles and Mirabeaux



The Mirabeaux have been designed for those who like their feet to rest a little higher, they have the same body as the classic Mirabelle but are fitted with sturdy turned wood legs.

50 x 33cm x 4kg approx. 

The sheep are sometimes available in rare breed coats, contact Liz to see what is currently available. They can be personalised with an embroidered message, names and dates on the calico base for an additional charge of £20.

“Things men have made with wakened hands, and put soft life into are awake through years with transferred touch, and go on glowing for long years.”

– D.H. Lawrence

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